Mayonnaise, Translated by Dimitri Nasrallah.
Véhicule Press, (Esplanade Books) Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2018, 240 pp.

Hungary-Hollywood Express, Translated by Dimitri Nasrallah.
Véhicule Press (Esplanade Books) Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2016, 164 pp.

In Hungary-Hollywood Express, the first novel in Éric Plamondon’s 1984 Trilogy, narrator Gabriel Rivages recounts the life of Olympic gold medalist and silver-screen heart-throb Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984).

With Mayonnaise, the second novel of the 1984 Trilogy, Gabriel Rivages pieces together Brautigan’s life.

Éric Plamondon was born in Québec in 1969. He moved in France in 1996 where he lives in the Bordeaux region.
He is the author of the 1984 trilogy where Gabriel Rivages follows the promise of the American Dream through the destinies of actor Johnny Weissmuller (Hungary-Hollywood Express, 2016), writer Richard Brautigan (Mayonnaise, 2018) and tech guru Steve Jobs (Apple S, 2019).
The three novels of Plamondon made the short list of the Prix des Libraires du Québec. Mayonnaise was a finalist for the Grand Prix du livre de Montreal.
Taqawan is Plamondon’s latest novel, published in french by Le Quartanier in Montreal (2017) and by Quidam éditeur in Paris (2018).
Le Quartanier has published Donnacona in 2017, a collection of three short stories by Plamondon.